Work with me

So you’ve read about what I do and you’d like to find out how I could do it for you. Wonderful! I’m always delighted to hear from potential clients. Here’s how to make an enquiry:

You fill out my enquiry form with details of your project (e.g. length, type, turnaround time).

Depending on the project, I may ask you for a short sample text (c.1000 words) to help me evaluate the level of work required and tailor my quote accordingly. My work on the sample text will be free and on a no-obligation basis. It can also help you to see whether you are happy with what I do.

If I believe that this is a project I’m qualified to take on and that I will be able to meet your turnaround time or deadline, I will provide you with a quotation and a proposed schedule.

When we’re both happy, I’ll draw up a contract and send it to you. Once the contract is signed and you have paid a deposit/first instalment (depending on our agreement), we are officially working together!


Because every project is different and requires a different level of intervention, I tailor my rates to your requirements.

Hourly rates for editing and proofreading are based on the SfEP suggested minimum rates for proofreading, copy-editing and substantial editing; depending on the project, we might also agree a per-word rate or a fixed total fee.

Rates forĀ translation from Spanish or Galician into English are generally charged according to the number of words in the source language document. The per-word rate will depend on a range of factors, such as the clarity of the original document or the need to research specialised vocabulary.