About me

In addition to my training in editing and proofreading, I have a BA in Spanish, MSt in Slavonic Studies and DPhil in Modern Languages and Literatures from the University of Oxford, a PGCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from the University of Liverpool, and a PGCert in Digital Humanities from University College London.

In my other life as a university lecturer specialising in connections between Britain and the Hispanic world, I’ve researched in archives around the UK and Spain, and have written and translated books and articles for both academic and popular audiences. One of my favourites, commissioned by a Galician heritage foundation, is Mondariz-Vigo-Santiago: A Brief History of Galicia’s Edwardian Tourist Boom. Read it here!

In my other, other life, I’m an experienced musician. I have an excellent understanding of music theory, musicology and notation and am delighted to work on music-related projects. After many years of playing the viola, I fell in love with brass bands and now play cornet, flugelhorn and occasionally tenor horn. When I’m not trying to master Edwardian cornet solos with their fiendishly difficult triple tonguing (I live in hope!), I manage Royal Spa Brass, the town brass band of Royal Leamington Spa.