As an editor, my job is to help you to express your ideas and words in the clearest and most appropriate form. I can work with print and digital texts, documents and web sites at any stage of development, from a first draft to polished, design-ready copy.

Levels of Editing

I offer two levels of editing: Line editing and Copy-editing. Read on to discover which level  will work best for you and your project.

Line Editing

Is your text in draft form or otherwise not quite ready for a full copy-edit? Are you looking for structural or stylistic guidance to bring out your ideas, argument or narrative? Line editing is an intensive, line by line engagement that comes early in the editing process, scrutinising the words, images and sentences to help you make your writing as effective as possible.

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Copy-editing is more technical than line editing; it comes at the end of the editing process and prepares your text for typesetting and/or web design. Copy-editing takes a completed text (or ‘copy’) and scrutinises it for clarity, consistency and accuracy. When copy-editing is complete, your text will be ready for typesetting and layout.

A standard copy-edit will follow your own style guide if you provide one, or will generate one for you if not. A style guide in this context is a list of stylistic decisions that ensures internal consistency, for example in date format or spelling choice. It’s a very useful thing to have!

To find out more about what copy-editing includes, check out the SfEP guide to copy-editing.

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