Do you have a text or web page that’s written and laid out, and just needs a final pair of eyes before it’s ready for its readers? Proofreading is the final editorial stage before publication. It is a detailed, line-by-line check of spelling, grammar, formatting and layout that ensures your published text is clear, consistent and as error-free as we can make it.

What does proofreading involve?

A standard proofread will compare copyedited and typeset versions to ensure changes have been properly made and no additional errors have crept in. I will check for typos and spelling and grammar errors; I will ensure stylistic consistency in accordance with your style sheet, and I will scrutinise formatting and final layout (e.g. headers, page numbers, image captions, line and page breaks)

To find out more about what proofreading involves, check out the SfEP guide to proofreading

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Proofreading Plus

Is your document complete, but in need of tightening up, reorganization, or even just some extra pizazz? If your document needs a little more intervention than a standard proofread can provide, then Proofreading Plus (sometimes called proof-editing) may be the answer.

Proofreading Plus adds fact-checking, stylistic guidance and limited restructuring to the standard proofreading checks, to help you create a stylish and effective final copy.

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If you are a university student looking for a proofreader, I can help – but please read my guidelines for students before enquiring!