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Cover2My most recent book, Mondariz-Vigo-Santiago: A Brief History of Galicia’s Edwardian Tourist Boom, has just been published by the Fundación Mondariz Balneario. The book reconstructs the history of an ambitious early 20th-century project to bring middle-class British tourists to Galicia, cooked up by businessmen from Liverpool, London and Vigo between 1909 and 1913. The colourful images on the cover are from promotional brochures produced by Liverpool’s Booth Steamship Company (one of the project partners), who sponsored the artist Frank Henry Mason to tour Galicia in October 1909.

Mondariz-Vigo-Santiago: A Brief History of Galicia’s Edwardian Tourist Boom. Fundacion Mondariz Balneario, 2013. Read an excerpt from the book over at Warwick Knowledge Centre!

Contemporary Galician Cultural Studies: Between the Local and the Global. New York: MLA, 2011. Co-edited with Manuel Puga Moruxa. Table of Contents (PDF).

Writing Galicia into the World: New Cartographies, New Poetics. Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 2011. Now available as an ebook from University Publishing Online!

A Stranger in My Own Land: Sofía Casanova (1861-1958), a Spanish Writer in the European fin de siècle. Nashville: Vanderbilt UP, 2008. Read excerpts from each chapter at the Ebrary website!

Reading Iberia: Theory, History, Identity. Oxford/Bern: Peter Lang, 2007. Co-edited with Helena Buffery & Stuart Davis. Read the introduction (PDF)




My latest article, ‘A Tale of Two Empires?’, argues that the forgotten Earl’s Court Spanish Exhibition of 1889 provides a valuable window onto the complex relationship between the British and Spanish Empires at the moment of one’s expansion and the other’s fragmentation. It’s in three parts: Part I assesses the limited archival evidence to uncover the Exhibition’s origins in London’s Spanish expatriate business community and its takeover by British businessmen with interests in Latin America. Part II reconstructs the Exhibition’s layout and contents in order to explore how the contrasting geocultural logics of Spain’s renewed self-projection as a modern Empire and the longstanding British obsession with Spain’s Islamic past play out in the exhibitionary space. Part III analyses the rhetorical and imaginative strategies employed in British press coverage of the Exhibition, to argue that their coded representations of Spain and Spanish culture place the Exhibition in the context of Spain’s partial absorption into Britain’s nineteenth-century ‘informal empire.’ Read it here!

Linked titles take you to full-text in Warwick’s Research Repository, WRAP:

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Conference and Working Papers

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Hooper, Kirsty (2013). ‘Juan Bautista Luis Augurio PERERA, co-founder of Lawn Tennis.’  Creative Commons License.

Working Paper, published online 12 August 2013. Read the introductory blog post at Books on Spain.

Hooper, Kirsty (2013). ‘Moorish Splendour’ in the British Provinces: The Spanish Bazaar (1886-1906), from Dundee to SouthamptonCreative Commons License

Paper presented at Contact and Connection Symposium, University of Warwick Institute of Advanced Study, 27 June 2013.